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Opening Reception: Saturday, August 19th 2017, 7-10pm

BOYFRIENDS is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Manal Kara

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Kara has an extensive background in ceramics. This exhibition presents new sculptural works primarily in leather. Continuing to produce contemporary work within a craft tradition, Manal explores dissolution and the abject with a nod ranging from BDSM subcultures to the folk and craft traditions in the Bay Area of the 1960's and 70's.

Manal Kara is a self-taught artist based in Chicago, IL and Gary, IN, working in various media including ceramics, video, installation, tattoo, drawing, and poetry.

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slug body is cool, sweet, smooth, and true.

slug body is clawing and scraping its way back to its own poiesis.

slug body is internally inconsistent.

slug body is cold and wet and close to the ground, mucilaginous, phlegmatic, slow, considered, patient, attenuated sense of urgency, weighty, fleshy, corpulent, having mass and volume which are damp and cool.

slug body is a hoe.

slug body has ashwagandha in its veins, but wetter.


slug body am my tongue slumbering
heavily corpulently

is a synecdoche in my mouth for slug body

am my body

slug body am i am my tongue and my feet

slug body is a foot a giant foot cleaving to its

earth as a chicken cleaves to its cluck

slug body is a whiz at free throws because slug body is all flow state.

slug body does not deny its inner nature.

slug body does not deny—


slug body is a scumfuck poetess, a poem, a road dog, and the road.

slug body wishes to pull back from a shape into a line; from a line, a point: to self-condense by degrees; to attenuate its extension in


slug body has pre-big-bang universe envy.